24-hour customer service

24 órás ügyfélszolgálat

The smooth realization of property protection at JUSTICE Security is supported by a 24-hour on-call service.

Our on-call service provides professional assistance to the guards operating at our Clients’ sites, gives background support to the managers responsible for the areas and makes decisions on the essential measures to be implemented during extraordinary damage events incurred at our Clients’ facilities, as well as maintains contact with the Client’s representative and the authorities, if necessary.

A Justice Security egyik kiemelkedő szolgáltatása a 24 órás ügyfélszolgálat és vagyonvédelemThe efficiency and speed of property protection are supported by our self-developed duty organisation system, JUSTinTime, also applied by our customer service. It serves to supervise the arrival and departure of our guards on duty at facilities guarded by us, and should any of them fail to arrive or depart, our central on-call service will intervene


Our on-call service dispatchers speak foreign languages, and they may provide assistance to contact the authorities in the framework of our European fleet monitoring service.

Our on-call service provides a 24-hour availability to our priority clients.

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